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Professional Tax is the tax that is collected by the various State
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Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax is the tax that is collected by the various State Governments of India. It is based on the salaried individuals working in Government or Non-Government entities that are mandatory to pay this professional tax.

Professional Tax is enforced at the state level in India. Different states have different rates and methods and collections. It is not enforced in all states. The states which inflict Professional Tax are Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Assam, West Bengal, Sikkim and many more. This tax is deducted by the salary of all the employees by the employers and the same is deposited with the State Government.

Advantages of the Professional Tax Registration like;

→  It is a Judicial Requirement.

→  To avoid Paying Penalties

→  Easy to Comply & Deductions

→  The State Government Tax

The process of registration of Professional Tax Registration is so simple. Here, it is like this;

→  The procedure of this  Registration is different. It completely depends on the states.

→  The frequency to return the file is also differed. It depends on the residence of the person, i.e. in which state he is residing.

→  If any person is delay to pay the tax then the state Government charge the late penalty fee. It is also different according to the states.

These are the necessary documents which needed for the registration of Professional Tax;

→  Certificate of Incorporation, including MOA & AOA / LLP Agreement.

→  PAN card of Company/LLP which is attested by the company director.

→  Place of business proof along with a NOC from the owner of the premises.

→  Bank account of the company including bank statement and cancelled cheque.

→  Passport size photographs, address and identity proof from all the directors.

→  Board resolution or in other words, the statement of consent by the partners.

→  Shop and establishment certificate.

→  Salary register and attendance register

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