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NGO (Society Registration/TRUST)

NGO is standing for Non-Governmental Organization which is Incorporated to support the underprivileged
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NGO (Registration/TRUST)

NGO is standing for Non-Governmental Organization which is Incorporated to support the underprivileged section of the society and work of advancement of different issues like social, cultural and legal, etc. As the name suggests that they are operated by citizens on voluntary initiatives without any kind of involvement by the Central Government and State Governments.

In our country, one can go for registration in three legal possible ways:

  1. Trust Registration
  2. Society Registration
  3. Section-8 Registration.

Key Elements of NGO Registration

If you are planning to register your NGO then certain imperative decisions are required to be finalized beforehand. There are many of the key elements are required to be finalized and implemented through the registration procedure. These key factors include:

→  Vision

→  Structure

→  Governing Body

→  Name

→  Location and Area of Operation

→  Draft By-Laws

Purpose of Registration

It does not matter what type of NGO you want to start. The field you work might differ, but you must have the ultimate goal and inherent desire of helping and supporting others.

Once you have decided to start an NGO, you should have a clearly defined goal and a transparent vision for which it is established and will be operated. You must also mention the benefits of establishing an NGO which is either Public in general or in a set of people

These are the mandatory documents for the Registration of NGOs.

→  A requesting letter for registration signed by founding members stating the purpose of formation.

→  Certified copy of MOA [Memorandum of Association.

→  Copy of the rules and regulations members will abide by.

→  Name, Address, Occupation of all members of society with signatures.

→  Minutes of the meeting.

→  Declaration by President of Society.

→  Sworn affidavit from the President or Secretary, declaring the relationship between subscribers.

→  Address Proof of Registered office and NOC from the landlord.

There are various benefits of the NGO Registration like;

→  The legal status of organizations makes sure they are accountable for all the funds and donations they collect.

→  A registered NGO thinks, works and develops in a systematic manner and functions accordingly.

→  A company that is registered as an NGO stays within the ethical, social and legal parameters of the society.

→  The registration of an NGO will also help in tax exemption if they are registered under Income Tax Authorities.

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