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Factory License is mandatory to all Factory owners by the Factories Act, 1948,
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Factory License

Factory License is mandatory to all Factory owners by the Factories Act, 1948, to ensure that a Factory complies with the rules, regulations and safety guidelines. It is a document of authorization for granting permission to regulate and carry out a manufacturing query from a particular aura. This license is issued by the Department of the Factories and Boilers. The safety, health, and welfare of workers is being looked after by the Department of Factories and Boilers which comes under the ministry of labor.

All Factories in which ten or more workers are employed with the aid of power for the manufacturing that kind of Factories must require to register under this Factories Act, 1948. If any person purchases any land, building either construct or re-construct it then after the construction the owner of the company must register first under this act.

Why Factory License is Necessary?

According to the Factories Act, 1948, A Factory requires to obtain a building plan approval from the labor and employment department before cover for a factory registration. Under this act, registration and renewal of the Factory licenses are also done to ensure the safety of workers.

When Should I Apply for this license?

Before starting construction of any Factory, the owner of the Factory must need the approval to start the construction. When the request of the construction of a Factory has been approved then you can apply for the Factory license before the starting of manufacturing operation.

The validity of the License: Factory license is issued under the Act of 1948 which is valid up to 31st December of the year in which it has been granted. The owner of the company can renew their license for either one year or five years. In case if the license renewal has been made for five years then they must pay the fee times higher.

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