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A Producer Company is that kind of company which is formed by 10
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Producer Company Registration

A Producer Company is that kind of company which is formed by 10 or more individuals who deal in agricultural produces or post-harvest processing activities. So, This is a legally recognized bunch of farmers who want to improve their incomes, standard of living and many more. This company is also registered under the Companies Act, 2013.

In a Producer Company, you can appoint Agriculturist members and accept deposits in the form of RD and FD. Through this, we allow them a maturity as well as distribute loans to your farmer members and charge interest from them.  The minimum paid-up capital is 5 lakh rupees. For Producer Company, a maximum of 15 Directors, a minimum of 5 Directors, a minimum of 10 Individuals or 2 Producer Institutions are required. There is no limit to the number of members.

There are many reasons behind to register like;

→ It’s completely a separate legal entity.

→ Management is so easy.

→ Have an Uninterrupted Existence.

→ Owning Property.

The procedure of registration of New Producer Company like;

→ Acquire Director Identification Number (DIN).

→Acquire Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

→If you are a new user, then you have to register and create an account.

→ Apply for the company to be registered.

The advantages of the registration are:

→ It’s a separate legal entity offering limited liability and perpetuity.

→ These Companies offer greater credibility than that provided by unregistered producer’s organization.

→By filling some simple forms with ROC, the changes in the Board of Management of a  Company can easily and swiftly be made.

→ A registered company has a right to own, sell a property on his or her name.

→These companies can accept a deposit in the form of RD/FD give maturity along with distributing loans to its farmers/ agriculturist members and also charge reasonable interest from them.

If you want to register for a Producer Company, you can contact our Tradenfill advisor by mail: info@tradenfill.com or you can also call at +91-9654 533433.

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