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For the registration of Patent, there is one of the required documents is a Provisional
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Provisional Patent Registration

For the registration of Patent, there is one of the required documents is a Provisional and complete specification. If you want that the Patent Registration is done so quickly then you have to file a Provisional specification along with a Patent application if the applicant feels that the invention has reached a stage wherein it can be disclosed on paper, but has not attained the final stage.

To file a Provisional Patent application, the time will take 15-20 days which includes Government processing time and client document submission. If you want any kind of free advice on Provisional Patent application filing by scheduling an appointment with a TradenFill Advisor.

Documents required for Patent Registration like;

→ Form 1 (Applications for Grant of Patent).

→ Form 2 (Provisional Specifications).

→ Form 5 (Declaration of Inventorship).

→ Form 26 (Power of Attorney). If your Patent is filed by a Patent Agent then this form is necessary.

→ E-filing fees (Patent Statutory fee).

→ Form 3 (Corresponding foreign Patent application statement and undertakings)

→ Priority Document (This is used for convention applications if the priority date is claimed)

→ Illustrations/Drawings of the invention.

The Provisional specification is defined under two topics. Like;

→ Title: It should fairly capture features of the invention and should be short and to the point.

→ Description: It begins with the preamble and contains the field and object of the invention.

TradenFill is one of the best and most dominant online business platforms in India which offers a variety of services like Trademark Registration, Trademark Renewal, Trademark Objection, GST Registration, LLP Registration and more. Again, I am repeating here that this Provisional Patent Registration takes the time of 15 -20 days. Because this process includes government processing time and client document submission.

If you have any query regarding this registration then you can contact us through our mail: info@tradenfill.com or can also call at +91-9654 533433.

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